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Nature has become a fantasy, which is far-fetched from the worldly routine we are stuck in. We have reached to a point, where now, we realize that nature heals, soothes, restores and connects us to each other and the outside world. With the time flying and the new age progress we have neglected nature and somehow do not realize the perks and prosperity of it. Keeping in view the above-mentioned phenomenon and the distance of mankind with its companion right from birth, we derive the concept of our Company and produce wonders from the purest source; Himalayan Rock Salt. 

The fundamental belief of the founder is to keep the human being intact with nature. In order to lessen and abate this gap, “Ittefaq Trading Company” introduces its distinctive Himalayan Salt Products.

The Company was established in 1983, with the intention of spreading awareness of the various benefits of pure salt awarded by nature. Mr. Javed Bhatti took this valuable initiative of sharing this grant of nature with humans.

Ittefaq Traders take complete responsibility of the overall process of the Himalayan Salt Products, from mining till the final product is presented. The major concern during this process is quality control, therefore the whole process is carried out with keen scrutiny, so that each and every product is given discreet attention and the natural elements contained, remain intact too. The source of these beneficial pieces of nature are the Himalayan salt mines. Himalayan Pink Mineral Salt is extracted from the Salt Mines from Khewra in Punjab, Pakistan. These Himalayan Rock Salt Mines are located in the foothills of Himalayan Range. Pink Salt contains essential salts, minerals and even metals in perfect quantities, which are safe for human consumption.

Himalayan Crystal Salt is the purest form of salt available to us today. This salt contains more than 84 minerals that are the same as the ones required by the human body. These minerals are necessary for the healthy growth of mind and body. Unfortunately, the man of today is unaware of the fact that how severely the electrical devices have been harmful to their lives.  We must understand the adverse effects that this lifestyle might cause in the long run, so that we may take precautionary measures to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Ittefaq Trading Company deals in a variety of Salt Products which are loaded with benefits to support a healthy mind and body. Currently, we are bombarded everyday with air pollutants and toxins in the outside world. We provide you the masterpieces of nature to facilitate you indoors with clean air to breathe in, reducing the effects of electromagnetic pollution in the environment. Keeping in view their health benefits and the artistry they add to the décor of your house, these pieces of nature’s gift should be on your wish list to add to your house or your working space.


We are producers of Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt products since 1983

Salt Lamp

Natural Salt Lamp

Crystal Salt Lamps are mined from the foothills of Himalayan Range an ancient primal sea. This Salt is abundant with healing qualities that cleanse our surroundings. Salt Lamps are hand crafted into a number of shapes and sizes; hence each lamp possesses its own uniqueness.

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Tealight Holder

Natural Salt Lamp

Tea Light Holder emits a warm amber glow and adds to your ambiance. When placed near you it works as a natural source of purified air; in your comfy corners, your living room, next to the bedside table or anywhere you choose to place it. 

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Bath Salt

Natural Salt Lamp

Unlike any other salt, unique in its beauty, bath salt provides ample benefits. The minerals it contains help in preventing soreness, reducing stress and fatigue, improving the texture of your skin and regulating sound sleep. It washes away stress and strain caused during the day.

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Edible Salt

Himalayan Edible Salt

Our pure Himalayan Salt is mined from Himalayan Range- the purest source of salt. It contains more than 84 minerals making it rich in nutrition. Consumption of this salt is an easy solution to many health challenges. It is free from all sorts of chemical processing.

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Cooking Plate

Himalayan Salt Cooking Plates

This is the most hygienic utensil you can cook on! The condensed crystalline composition adds natural flavor to your food. You can experiment various recipes on these Himalayan salt blocks. It can be used for cooking, grilling, baking and serving delectable food to your guests.

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Himalayan Salt Decor

Himalayan salt bricks, tiles and wall stones beautifully suit any theme for décor purposes. These are easy to install. You can add these unique bricks and tiles to your home, office, spas and restaurants to beautify the ambiance and the outlook of your living space.

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Lick Salt

Animal Lick Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt Licks function as natural and affordable supplements for your animals. Most of the animal feed does not supply enough nutrients for livestock and horses. Himalayan salt being rich in minerals supplies the necessary nutrients for animal growth and development at all stages.

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Salt Accessories

Himalayan Salt products help in reducing different kinds of ailments. Neti pots and salt inhalers are beneficial apparatus for inhalation therapy. These accessories are a natural way which helps in reducing breathing problems, boosting the overall respiratory system and reducing chances of nasal infections and allergies.

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