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Ittefaq Trading Co.

Producer of Himalayan Salt Products Since 1983

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Himalayan Rock Salt Products

Nature has become a fantasy, which is far-fetched from the worldly routine we are stuck in. We have reached a point, where now, we realize that nature heals, soothes, restores and connects us to each other and the outside world. With the time flying and the new age progress we have neglected nature and somehow do not realize the perks and prosperity of it. Keeping in view the above-mentioned phenomenon and the distance of mankind with its companion right from birth, we derive the concept of our Company and produce wonders from the purest source; Himalayan Rock Salt. The fundamental belief of the founder is to keep the human being intact with nature. In order to lessen and abate this gap, “Ittefaq Trading Co.” introduces its distinctive Himalayan Salt Products.

Himalayan Crystal Salt

Ittefaq Trading Co. deals in a variety of Salt Products which are loaded with benefits to support a healthy mind and body.

Currently, we are bombarded every day with air pollutants and toxins in the outside world. We provide you the masterpieces of nature to facilitate your indoors with clean air to breathe in, reducing the effects of electromagnetic pollution in the environment. Keeping in view their health benefits and the artistry they add to the décor of your house, these pieces of nature’s gift should be on your wish list to add to your house or your working space.

Essence Of Himalaya

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Himalayan Crystal Salt is the purest form of salt available to us today.

Salt Lamps

Ignite and embellish your surrounding environment with enchanting subtle light dispersed by beautifully shaped Himalayan Salt lamp

Tea Light Holders

Soft amber glow of salt candle holders give birth to a cozy ambiance while ensuring the safety, crafted from Himalayan crystal salt

Bath Salt

Just Soak, Relish and Relax. Attain a fresh skin and a velvety touch, Himalayan bath salt carries huge benefits with great smelling

Cooking Plate

Feel the elation of acceptance and scoop the appreciation for your hand made food. It pledges to add a rich salty and juicy flavor

Home Décor

Home Decor will have a renovated definition with salt products. Sparkle interior reflecting and give unique ambiance to your room

Animal Lick Salt

Grant a complete feed to your dear animals. Around 84 trace minerals are naturally present in lick salt as a treat for your animals


Himalayan salt is extracted from Khewra Salt mines, the second largest source of salt in the world


Salt is harvested with minimal processing, main purpose is just to get pure organic form of salt


Quality of Himalayan salt products is our top responsibility and we will never stop getting it better

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