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Himalayan Bath Salt

Relax & De-Stress with Himalayan Bath Salt

Around the walls and comfort of your own home, you can go through an invigorating experience and indulge your senses by sprinkling the magical Himalayan Bath Salt in your bath tub. This will function as a stress reliever from the work pressure you have been under the whole, tiring day. This relaxing therapy is simple and affordable. Soaking in Himalayan bath salt is similar to soaking in an ocean of minerals and energy. It recharges and reenergizes the body. Bath salt has many positive effects on the skin as well, it leaves your skin soft, smooth and silky. It helps cleanse and purify the pores within your skin. This peculiar salt contains anti-bacterial properties which are beneficial for skin treatments. It has remarkable antiseptic abilities and takes care of skin hydration. It is used for treating skin infections and diseases due to its therapeutic uses.

Salt Soap-Heart Shape

For such an exhilarating experience Himalayan Pink Bath salt is the best choice. You feel relaxed and de stressed, your body is detoxified, it eases your aches and pains by affecting the microbial growth, moisturizes your skin and stimulates circulation.

Bath Salt Balls

Pink Himalayan Bath Salt contains more than 84 minerals which are necessary for the human body. Himalayan best Bath Salt is extracted from the purest source; the Himalayan Range. Pink Bath salt not only helps in the detox of your body but also makes your skin baby-soft.