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Salt Cooking Plates

Himalayan Salt Blocks - Exciting Way of Cooking Food

The next top item on your grocery list should be a cooking salt plate! An interesting and exciting way of cooking food is using Himalayan Cooking Salt Plate. Our products crafted from the purest salt find a way to your kitchen as well. The crystalline composition gives flavor to your food due to the natural tinge of salt added to whatever you cook or present. These salt blocks are rich in minerals, which flavor the food cooked or served. Salt bricks can retain both temperatures for a long time; hot and cold. You can use these new age fascinating blocks for cooking, grilling, baking and serving. These are carved in different shapes and sizes, such as; circle, square and rectangle. Salt blocks have anti-bacterial properties and are easy to clean. You also have the option of buying a salt cooking plate with a holder which makes your transportation with food easier. Using these for family gatherings or dinner parties can be fun and a different way of serving food.

You can cook and serve a variety of foods such as vegetables, chicken, sea food, fish and some cold items as well. You can experiment a number of recipes on this block, which adds savory to your food. Moreover, it is fun and interesting, testing your creativity and cooking on something new and inventive. Treat your guests with delectable food on this unique salt brick, an innovative, distinctive and an impressive way of presenting food. Salt plates also referred as salt blocks or bricks are crafted from Himalayan pink crystals, hand chiseled from the Himalayan Mountains.

Adds Healthy Mineral

Himalayan Salt Plates add a unique taste to your food, which cannot be replicated by any other table salt. As these blocks have extreme temperature resistance, you can serve sizzling food on it such as steaks and fajita, you can also serve chilled food from the refrigerator.

Nutritional Value

This distinctive invention can be a great conversation starter when placed on your dining table. Its uniqueness’, will attract your guests and they will surely question.  These salt blocks do not only improve the taste and the presentation but also add to the nutritional value of your food.