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Himalayan Salt Bricks

The Stunning Himalayan Salt Bricks

Pink crystals are mined from millions of years old sea bed containing more than 84 minerals and nutrients which are required by our body. It is the only unprocessed salt available. Whenever we choose table salt, it should not only be considered to flavor our food and taste buds, rather its purity and its properties should be kept in mind, as health should always be the first priority. It should be viewed as one of the essential vitamins for life. Himalayan edible salt contains no environmental pollutants, instead of the minerals it contains play an integral role in balancing and maintaining your bodily functions. The color of this salt varies from shades of white to different shades of pink, therefore it is also referred as pink salt. We have always heard about sea salt as a healer for many problems due to its healing properties.

Salt Bricks-Tiles

Salt Bricks at home can fit any décor or interior and create a stunning effect. These will be an impressive, customized element in your house, also creating an air of calmness and tranquility. Salt brick wall is easy to install and suits almost any décor or living space.

Salt Wall Stones

Whereas, all the positive benefits are removed from the table salt through chemical processing. The minerals removed are an essential dose for the mechanism of our body. Therefore, Himalayan edible salt stands as a first preference, for being the purest, beneficial salt form available.