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Animal Lick Salt

Himalayan Lick Salt for Cattle & Livestock

Ittefaq Trading Co. presents the purest form of Lick Salt, excavated from the best mines from the foothills of Himalaya. Salt Lick for horses is one thing they love, it depends on you, what kind of quality you offer to your animal. The wealthy minerals contained in Himalayan Lick salt are necessary for animal growth at every stage of life. Salt Licks improve the performance of your horse and also safeguard its health. Most of the animal feed does not supply enough sodium for livestock and horses. Therefore supplementation is vital. Lack of salt causes poor appetite and muscle cramps. Animals deficient in salt and other essential minerals can sometimes show symptoms by licking wood, stones or eating soil and bark. Himalayan rock salt licks are solid hard due to which horses cannot bite chunks from the block, which is a common problem that occurs with softer licks. These licks are left in the fields for the horses to self-dose. Himalayan Salt Licks are water resistant, therefore these are ideal for outdoors. We hand craft salt lick for horses and salt lick for deer and other animals too.

Salt and mineral blocks for horses contain more than 84 minerals which are essential for animal growth and development. Salt being a necessary ingredient for humans and it serves the same purpose for animals, lick salt is also considered essential element in their feed. Lick Salt can be referred as minerals which are vital for maintaining health. Himalayan lick salt minerals are essential for both humans and for the animal intake as well.

Cylinderical Lick Salt

The pink color of these licks is due to the mineral content in them. Himalayan mineral blocks have a hole drilled in the center of the block for the purpose of being hung at a reasonable height for the ease of the animal to lick.

Square Lick Salt

This block can also be a good selection to gift someone who is fond of pets or animals. Salt Licks are a safe option for all kinds of animals; wild life, pets or other land animals. Adding these to your animal’s appetite will surely have a positive impact on its health.