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Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamp an Attractive Feature for Any

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp can be considered as one of the finest sources of light you can own and place somewhere near you, either at home or your workstation. This gem of nature provides health benefits even while sitting indoors. You do not have to get worried about staying away from Mother Nature. If you are tired and occupied due to your busy and chaotic routine, we have a natural remedy for you to make you feel calm and relaxed from the stress you are experiencing. We bring these fascinating salt lamps for you to buy and take home for a natural experience of fresh, clean and purified air. Derived from the hidden mineral treasures below the Earth’s surface, exquisite Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are mined from the Himalayan Range, the home of mineral rock salts, formed by the drying of an ancient primal sea.

These lamps are handcrafted due to which each lamp has its own unique shape. They are hand carved in elegant shapes such as a sphere, drop, leaf, heart or natural shapes. When lit, these lamps emit a soft radiant light in shades of orange and yellow, similar to the warm glow of the sun. It is an ideal soothing color to relax and repose before going to bed. Due to the amber glow of these lamps, they are also useful in color and relaxation therapies.

Natural Shaped

Naturally Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamps are hand crafted from Himalayan Salt crystals in a unique shape of their own, making every lamp different from the other. These organic Himalayan salt lamps are an excellent choice for décor at home and offices.

Geometrical Shaped

Geometrically shaped salt lamps are carved into beautiful masterpieces then hand crafted in different shapes such as; pyramid, sphere, drop, cone etc. These lamps will fit into any décor and offer an ambiance like no other.

Figure Shape

We produce figure shape salt lamps in amazing sculptural forms, mostly in the form of animals such as; owl, elephant, cat, swan, angel, snake, Buddha, lion, leaf etc. These figure shapes when added to your home or office décor look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes

USB Salt Lamps

We offer our computer friendly salt lamps which simply need to be plugged into a USP port. USB crystal salt lamps also come in different shapes and sizes which emit orange light similar to the glistening shine of the sun

Iron Basket

Iron Baskets are beautifully crafted and their presence in any room is very attractive to the eyes. These are metal baskets which contain pink salt chunks arranged elegantly inside. These serve as beautiful décor pieces.

Fire Bowls

Used in a number of therapies such as Feng Shui and Light Therapy, Fire bowls are hand crafted from the purest salt crystals containing chunks of salt which can be arranged according to your preference. These exquisite bowls are brimming with salt chunks of different sizes